21 Bundles Monthly Baby Boxes


“Natural Products + Monthly Bundles = A Happy and Healthy Family ”

The customized monthly boxes from 21 bundles are full of healthy, green products for you and your baby.

Why we love them: 21 bundles will start sending you custome boxes based on were you are in pregnancy or how old your baby is. These monthly boxes are only $40 a month, and are filled with products to help you and your baby heal, grow, and thrive in a healthy happy home.

They even have an Ala-carte option, so you can order more of any product that you really love.

Why it helps: We love the monthly boxes, they keep us filled with the best products as parent and baby grow. 21 bundles only sends the best toxin free and eco-friendly products, which is a huge bonus in our book. The boxes grow with your baby, starting with excellent newborn items, and moving into starting solids. We love that they include full size bottles of products, which means you actually get to use them more than twice. Too many companies send sample items, which are great, but never enough to really get a feel for the product. 21 bundles include brands such as Earth Mamma Angel Baby and Acure skin products.

An unexpected bonus: Growing with the family. The products in these boxes are for the entire family, rather than baby specific. They include full size bottle which means you can really enjoy these items, and they will last the entire month.

We love that Ala-Carte items as well, since sometimes you just fall in love with a product, and you know right where to get more.