5 Misconceptions About Sleep Coaching

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to sleep coaching and hiring a sleep consultant. I would like to take a moment to talk about the different approaches, and why hiring a professional sleep consultant, tends to yield better results.

1- Every baby is different-

Some babies will sleep “through the night,” (a five hour stretch) right out of the womb, others will not sleep longer than 3-4 hours until 6-12 months. When we assess a sleep situation we not only look at the parents’ desires for sleep, we also look at what their baby is doing for sleep currently. Our goal is to help you get more sleep, while still allowing your baby/child the right support for their age. In a recent conversation with a client, she wanted to know when her 5 month old would stop waking for his one night time feeding. After discussing what is normal for his age, and explaining that most children will keep at least one night feeding until at least 12 months, she was not excited. This is where, as a professional sleep consultant, we talk about expectations! It is important to understand that some expectations can be achieved, and others are just asking too much of a child.  This is where a professional is worth every penny. In a book, there is no subtext, no off shoot that says “In your situation, try this,” this is why so many parents explain that they have read every sleep book out there and still aren’t getting results. You need the human point of view to help create the perfect sleep collage for your family.

2- The word “training” is very outdated-

When someone talks about sleep training, this is different from a sleep coach. We work with you, and your baby, to find a happy middle ground. We are not going to tell you stop nursing, and we will never tell you to have your baby “Cry it out.” Coaching your baby or child, is a little like showing them what they can do. If you show them that they can nurse, but then they fall asleep to the sound of a lullaby, this is not “fixing a  problem” its just changing the way your child associates sleep.

3- A book is a like a school text book, a sleep consultant is like the professor; which would you rather have during the test?

We arrive, assess the situation and the goals, and then we walk you through it step by step. There is no guessing, we are available to support you, and help you if changes are needed. Sometimes the first try is not perfect, that is where your consultant will help make minor changes to the plan, so that you get the best results possible.

4- Sleep coaching does not mean letting your baby cry it out, or quitting snuggling your child-

We encourage every form of bonding and love. If you are bed sharing, we can help you create a sleep plan that incorporates bed sharing.

5- Many parents call, concerned that they have waited too long to start sleep support for their child-

This is not true, every child at every age can benefit from sleep coaching.