A Surrogate Doula

What is a Surrogate doula?

A surrogate doula is a doula who is trained specifically to support parents who are using a surrogate for the birth of their baby. We are there to support the intended parent(s) as well as the surrogate.

Why do I need to hire a surrogate doula?

For the Surrogate: We act as an extra set of knowledgeable hands before, during, and after the birth of the baby. We are there to provide birth education, what to expect during a surrogate birth, and preparing for birth. We are a companion for the surrogate mother, allowing you to feel supported and pampered during the entire process. During the birth, we are there to help keep you comfortable and supported. This could mean physical support and comfort for an un-medicated birth, massage and comfort with an epidural, and support for faster pushing at the end of birth. During your recovery time, we will come to help you get back to your normal self, and to recover better with time proven supports.


For the Intended Parents: We are there to help you prepare for welcoming your newborn. This includes a baby gear support course, walking you through the essentials of what a newborn needs. We are there to support you as you first hold your baby, helping to initiate bonding, and to support you with all that comes with being a new parent. When you bring your baby home, we are there to help you with feedings, sleep support to get your little one sleeping longer at night, and of course, to remind you that most everything is “normal” and to help you determine when you might need to be concerned. We are here to empower you as a new parent, and help make the transition to parenthood smooth.

Our surrogates and intended parents have expressed gratitude for the education, support, and information that they have received from working with our specially trained doulas. We support couples from all over the world, and fly to where ever your surrogate lives.

We look forward to supporting you during your birth and parenting adventures!

We offer additional supports for adopting and surrogate parents, please click here for more information.