The Doula House began with two women with a passion for birth. Our two doulas and founders Marie Johnson and Marinda Lloyd pursued education and training to become trained and certified doulas, prenatal educators and hypno-birthing instructors. In order to offer a greater level of care and expertise than traditional doulas Marie and Marinda continued with their education to become monitrices. As monitrices they have been able to provide advanced birthing support such as fetal monitoring, performing internal exams during labor, neonatal resuscitation and breastfeeding and postpartum care.

After several years providing support as monitrices Marie and Marinda began to understand that providing support for only the birth was not enough. They were finding women who had beautiful births, but who were still struggling to cope with taking care of their babies several months after they were born.  They found partners that wanted to support and understand their spouse, but who were struggling to cope with the demands of their growing family. They found parents of multiples wondering how they were ever going to keep it together in the first few weeks after birth, and they found non-traditional families who needed help but didn’t know how to find it.

Recognizing the need for a more advanced system of post-natal care Marie and Marinda sought out additional education and training in sleep support, postpartum support, as well as specialized supports for couples pursuing parenthood through surrogacy and adoption. In 2014 The Doula House expanded its services and it’s team to include two highly experienced infant care specialists with extensive experience in infant care for singletons and multiples. Our infant care specialists Juli Lloyd and Jessica Davis provide both day and night support to new families as well as education and sleep support. With the addition of these two amazing women The Doula House has been able to provide advanced care and services to all types of families from conception through the first year.

In addition to our infant care specialists our team has expanded to include our own in-house CPR instructor Joe Johnson who provides private in-home CPR training to every family we work with. We are also lucky enough include on our team Julie Sheriff who is an extremely talented photographer that provides beautiful heirloom quality photographs as part of our services.

With our advanced training, education and the addition of exceptional team members we now provide the most extensive level of maternity services in the area. Our customized high level of care provides you with the opportunity to have experts on-hand from conception through the first year of your child’s life. At the Doula house, conception, birth and newborn care are transformed into a beautiful experience that will set the foundation for a lifetime of happy parenting.

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