How to Work with The Doula House

With over ten years of experience working with new parents, we have uncovered a common theme; help runs out just when parents are starting to really need it.

The Doula House is a team of professionals who are dedicated to you, your family, and your goals for parenthood. Our services provide you with a luxurious level of care throughout your pregnancy and during the first year of your child’s life. Working with The Doula House provides you the time and education you will need to achieve your goal oriented outcomes.


           Our highly specialized team uses a consistent set of tools to ensure uniform results

             and develops continuity of care by teaching these techniques to you, your child caregiver,

           and any family or friends that might have a prominent role in your child’s early life.


The most effective way to be the best parent possible is to accept educated help in the areas that matter most. In the long run the families we work with are happier, more organized, and more intimately bonded because of the care we provide.


The Owners

Team Members



How To Work With The Doula House To Create The Best Option Possible For Your Family’s Needs:

  • Make a list of your desires and concerns numbering them from greatest to least important.
  • Survey our website so that you have a good idea of our packages and purposeful intents.
  • Contact us for a brief over the phone consultation.
  • Schedule an in-home evaluation with one of our Maternity Consultants (long distance customers can connect via Skype).
  • Receive a personalized  care plan based on your intended outcomes from one of our professional Maternity Consultants.
  • Have fun booking your package and adventuring into parenthood.

Contact Us for more information.