Meet Our Infant Care Specialists

Jessica Davis

“I figured out early on that I loved working with babies”

My mom had seven kids after me, and I loved it. I dove into a world of infants and it soon became second nature to juggle all the little adventures life threw at me with babies in the mix.

It was a natural fit for me to soon end up working in the infant room of an elite learning center. Though I was used to taking care of multiples because of helping with my  youngest siblings, the experience was always a laughable adventure. Everything from minor poop explosions to baby food splattered across the walls happened in that room. I soon learned that sometimes the best cure for a messy disaster was to just sit down next to it and laugh. Eventually the messes became fewer as I became more experienced, but I still took moments to just sit on the floor and laugh anytime things went a little crazy.

When I moved to Salt Lake City life brought me a whole host of new adventures; I met Marinda and Marie, and learned about their work with newborns and I quickly fell in love with their ideas and their passion. Working with Marinda and Marie has provided an opportunity for me to work more personally with families and become specialized in infant care. I am amazingly grateful to work with such talented women.

I have found more satisfaction empowering parents than I ever would have while being only a day time care provider, and it is infinitely more fun! The impact from the work I do lasts a lifetime and brings comfort and confidence to families. I love getting to share my expertise with parents and I love that I get to work with a great team  in developing specialized care plans that are fitted for each new family that we work with.

The messes may have gotten smaller but the laughs have gotten bigger.” – Jessica Davis


Juli Lloyd

Ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with babies. As a toddler I had my own “baby” that I would carry around baby carrier and all, with it’s diaper bag and a full set of outfits, all of which my mother had made for “my baby.” This wild enthusiasm was fully stoked the day my mother came home from the hospital with my brand new little baby brother; a day I still remember in vivid detail. As I carefully held my infant brother in a FULLY supervised and carefully choreographed moment, I stared, eyes wide, caught up in the realization that my dreams of being able to care for a tiny little baby had finally come true. My young heart was in awe.

I felt such excitement in the mystery of what this tiny bundle would mean for my life.

As I carefully held this delicate little newborn in my arms, I was transformed by the magic of it all; such potential, such beauty, so much wonder. I knew that I would hold a very special place in this baby’s life and I was so excited about that. Much to my mother’s delight, I took on the role of big sister with a passion and a determination to learn everything I could about how to take care of “my new baby”.

As I grew older I became an older sister to many more baby brothers, 7 in total, as well as a sister, and I approached each new wonderful little bundle with great enthusiasm and responsibility. Soon not only was I helping my mother with all my siblings, I was also considered the leading child care-taker for the neighborhood, eventually taking on the role as a full time professional. Now an expert in child care and newborn development, I love my role as an Infant Care Specialist.

I love seeing parents become empowered in finding joy in taking care of their new little bundles. I love being a gatekeeper to a new and beautiful experience for a family who may have been struggling to understand the complexity of newborn care. I specialize in caring for infants, helping them move through their developmental stages into toddler-hood, and in teaching parents how to enjoy the process.

I feel a great sense of gratitude knowing that every day I go to work I can laugh heartily, am hugged with unencumbered love by my special little babies, and I know I am making a positive impact in the lives of the parents I work for.

“I am an Infant Care Specialist and I love what I do.”

-Juli Lloyd