Meet Our Photographer

My name is Julie and I am in love with natural light photography.

I am a mom of three boys. One twenty year old teen (yes I call him that) and two little boys, ages 3 and 6.  I am a preschool teacher by day,  a wife and mother by night, and a photographer in-between

I love Love, LOVE being a mom! I love watching all little firsts; the first steps, the first words, the first wide eyed discoveries of the world, the first license, the first girlfriend, the first speeding ticket! I love the dimples small children have on their hands where their knuckles will grow in.  I love the fuzzy halos of hair that glow on a baby’s head. I love a peanut butter face that only comes from a child who eats their sandwich straight down the center, and how a toddler runs with a straight legged hip rotation waddle.  I love how a child suddenly wants to do everything by themselves, despite their little bodies holding them back. I love watching my twenty year old teen walk around  the house with his pants partly down, earphones in his ears, being just too cool for his parents.

I also love actively and mindfully being a mom.

I love being a part of building childhood memories, the good ones that they will carry with them forever.  I love being a family and watching my husband be a father.  I love watching him get down on our kid’s level and become childlike himself. I love watching him go do “man things” with our teen while I stay home and bake a cake with the littles, and I love falling deeper in love with him every day.

I have an “I can do that myself” mentality, which is what got me into photography in the first place.  I love to at least try to make my own props and crochet hats. I love learning to knit, and cutting my own kid’s hair (and my hair too!). I also make my kid’s birthday cakes, and try to always make my own Christmas presents for the family.
I am a Love & Logic mom.
I play the guitar, not well, but I do play (and I sing too!).
I am always looking for ways to be younger, healthier, and fitter;  I’m not a guru but I sure strive toward my health goals.
I am spiritual, a lover of God, and always look for ways to see the best in all situations.
I love light.


As you can see, I love my kids, details, and relationships, and I believe that shows through my work.  My style is clean, pure, fresh, and carries a lot of emotion and details.
I steer away from poses, props, lots of color, and focus instead on the true essence of a person, and the relationships between people.
Having had (more) kids later in life, I realize my younger kids won’t get to be with me as long as my first. Honestly I’m not even sure my husband and I will be around when our kids are our age, and we still feel pretty young!
Regardless, all our kids will someday be without us, and I want my kids to have something to look back on and remember how we made them feel; how we loved and cherished each of them, and how they were the most important things in the world to us. None of us are perfect parents, but we do have perfect moments, and my passion lies in capturing those moments and making them tangible. In today’s world, everything has become so computerized and digitized.  I love it too! I really do! BUT… it concerns me how much people rely on the digital world and forget that we have a real world to come back to. When I go to my mother’s house and ask her where the photos she took are, she says they’re on her computer (from up to 15 years ago). Nothing hardly ever gets printed.  Why take the pictures (I ask myself)?
This realization brought me to my new business model.  To sell beautiful, fine art tangible products for clients.  Oh, sure, I sell digital too, I won’t fail to recognize it IS indeed a digital world, and we all love to have an awesome Facebook cover photo, right? But to decorate your home, or have tangible heirloom products you can feel with your hands, flip through pages, and tell stories to pass on from generation to generation is a true gift. Can you imagine not having a picture of your Grandma? Well I have one of mine, and it’s priceless to me.  My grandfather and father in law have passed away over the years, and our pictures in frames and scrapbooks are all we have to teach our children about who they were.  I offer the experience of a beautiful, FUN, relaxed session, and a variety of products to fit all the needs you may have with any session.