“I have to thank Marinda and Hypnobabies so deeply. I know I could not have had the birthing of my dreams if it wasn’t for her.  It was a very beautiful, empowering experience that I now look forward to experiencing again.”  – Julie 


“Thank you again for everything. It was such a blessing to have such a wonderful doula. I wish I could completely express how much you meant to our experience.”  – A.R. 


I would recommend The Doula House to anyone that is having a child. No matter what your birth preferences, or where you’re having the baby, they are the right doulas for the job.”  – Mindy 


“The best results I received in working with The Doula House for postpartum care was the confidence I developed as a result of having them there for support and guidance. Confidence in raising children. I was very unsure of myself in the beginning. I wanted to be a strong mom. With The help of The Doula House, we have been able to enjoy and love our babies even more.”  –M.W. 


“An unexpected benefit of working with The Doula House was the assistance we got in finding a nanny that fit our family’s special needs, and the extended night support we received after our twins were born. They were always available to answer all of our questions, even after we were done working together.”  –Dave 


The Postpartum Night Support we received with The Doula House was essential to my healing, and our babies’ growth and development. We were able to establish healthy habits and patterns early on so that we didn’t have any issues later. It was so great to have someone right there to answer all our questions.”  –David and MaryAnn 


“Thank you for keeping me calm and focused during birth. Thank you for being open minded and supportive about breastfeeding, pumping, and formula as we progressed post-birth. I felt supported no matter what I decided to do and you gave me options, advice, and support for each decision.”  –M. Wada 


“Thank you for everything you have provided for us the past few months to make my pregnancy, my birth experience ad my transition into motherhood an amazing experience. The training and words of wisdom, as well as your calming energy, including your presence during my birthing time were all invaluable. I couldn’t have had such a wonderful birth experience without you. Thank you. Thank you!”  –San and Lucy 


“You are an amazing advocate. Thanks for making sure the doctor didn’t give me an episiotomy. You kept me calm and relaxed.”  –Lucy 


“Marie thank you so much for being so great. We have really enjoyed our time with you and have learned so much. Thank you for helping us feel more prepared and confident about our birth.”  –Vanessa 


“You made all the difference in the world.”  – Enoch 


“I can’t thank you enough for all the love, time, and support you put into helping me bring Finn into this world. My birth experience could not have been any more perfect and I largely attribute that to you and the skills you help me acquire in preparation for his debut. Thanks you so much for all that you do.”  –Millie 


“You did it again, another fabulous job helping us have the type of birth we wanted! Thank you for a job well done and for Ethan’s baby blankey. We are so grateful to have shared our birth experience with you.”  –Amy and Ethan 


I can’t imagine going through what I did without your support. You really went above and beyond and are truly an amazing doula. We feel so close to you and are lucky to have had you there with us. I will never forget all that you did to help.  What you do is truly special. Thank you.”

-Peggy and Ryder 


“We just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to help us. It’s been so fun learning and practicing this new skill. You are an amazing teacher.”  –Aron and Stephanie 


“Thank so much for being a part of our birth, it was such a beautiful experience and I know I couldn’t have done it without your help. You helped me find my strength and fulfill my dream. I am so grateful and I also appreciate all of the time and love you put into making Steven’s birth so special.”  –M Rawlins 


“Thank you again for everything, it was such a blessing to have such a wonderful doula. I wish I could completely express how much you meant to our experience.” 

M Stevens 


“We are so thankful for your dedication, kind heart, and healing hands. Thanks again for helping us bring our precious little one into this world safely.”  –Coulete 


“Thank you so much for not only what you do but the beautiful way that you do it   You were a great mentor for us and the extra help we needed. Without you we could not have done it. You were so sensitive to our needs and helping us. Thank you for that selflessness and for tending to us as individuals.”  –Amy and Austin