Adoption Support and Liaison

Our Adoption Supports have been designed to provide the perfect specialized support for you while you go through the adoption process. Every package we create is customized to your unique circumstances with your needs and the birth mother’s needs in mind.

Adoption can be an amazing process and very gratifying for all parties involved if the needs of each individual are taken care of and nourished. At The Doula House we strive to provide for those needs as we transform your journey into a welcome adventure that blossoms into something special for every person involved.

With this package you and your birth mother will receive and in-depth evaluation so that we can carefully design a package that would be serve the needs of everyone involved.

For the intended parents our services may include:

  • An adoption doula- (This is a doula specifically trained to support you through the adoption process- prenatally, during the birth and in postpartum as well.
  • Prenatal services such as:
    • green planning for your home,
    • home prep and planning for your baby
      • babyproofing
      • nursery planning and setup
    • grandparent baby proofing (in their home)
    • Infant care classes
    • Infant CPR
  • Birth plan for the birth and adoption process
  • 3 months of postpartum check-ins to help you adjust to new parenthood
  • After baby comes home postpartum services such as:
    • Day and night support
    • Infant care specialist support
    • Sleep consultation and support
  • Pediatrician consultation and selection services
  • Postpartum Baby Care Support: adjustment to new parenting, baby care, feeding or breastfeeding concerns, going back to work, sibling adjustment, diapering service, bottle feeding success, and introducing solids
  • Baby first aid kit and medicine bundle (all green)
  • Baby Wearing instruction
  • Night Sleep Support Services (one of our most sought after services)
  • Nanny training and support

Options For Your Birth Mother May Include:

  • Interview and needs evaluation (custom designed)
  • Prenatal Nutrition Support (green)
  • Prenatal services such as birth classes, transportation, and bedrest services (if needed)
  • Birth support services: full doula services, birth plan for adoption experience, induction support (if needed), postpartum support after birth
  • After birth gift package (designed with your desires in mind)
  • Postpartum counseling and support up to 6 weeks postpartum

*All services are developed to support multiples as well.