Amorini Nipple Soothers

Product Review

Amorini Silver Nipple Soothers

What it is: Amorini harnesses the antibacterial properties of Silver to offer immediate nipple protection to breastfeeding mothers in a safe and 100% natural way. Unlike creams and balms, Amorini leaves no residue on the skin ensuring that your baby does not ingest any potentially harmful chemicals.

Scientists found that Silver interrupts the ability of bacteria cells to form the chemical bonds essential to the survival and growth of the bacteria. Silver has also been proven to promote the growth of new cells, therefore speeding the healing process for wounds.

amoriniProduct Details:

Price: Cost for the Nipple Cushion is $50 for a pair

Where to Find: Right now the only place to get these is from Shipping: Shipping is fast, usually within 10 days

The Review:

This product provides relief without chemicals, which is nice for all moms wanting to keep the environment around their newborn toxin free. These work extremely well in the first few weeks of establishing breastfeeding when nipple tend to be the most tender; though I have continued to use them 4 months into my pumping journey.

The nipple soothers are a small round nipple “coin” about the size of a quarter. These can be placed on your tender or sore nipples providing almost immediate relief. They are incredibly comfortable to wear, and I felt a soothing sensation right after putting them on. Sometimes nipples can become sensitive from feeding and pumping that even putting a shirt on can be painful. These soothers act as a healing barrier, and a clothes barrier to keep your comfortable while soothing sensitive tissues.

These little nipple soothers worked better than I expected. I got them several weeks into my breastfeeding experience, and still had many benefits. I was most impressed at how well they stayed put. I was worried they would move or fall out while I was sleeping and I might lose one; however, they stayed in place all night. They provided immediate soothing, which was incredibly helpful for my sometimes over pumped nipples. I loved how they seemed to cool my nipples, without making them cold; and provided a healing environment for slightly cracked nipples.

They do not provide pressure on the nipple, which was nice; however in the early stages of breastfeeding, make sure to wear nursing pads as they will not stop milk dripping. One of my favorite things is that this would be an excellent tool for a mother who gets thrush as it would provide a safe barrier from it contaminating clothes, bras, and reusable breast pads while helping to heal the nipple.

This is one of the most innovative nipple soothers I have seen, and so simple. The Amorini Nipple Soothers would make an excellent shower or new baby gift for any breastfeeding or pumping mom.