Are Blessing Ways The New Baby Shower?

Blessing Way Or Baby Shower?

With the onset of modern times, almost everyone you speak with will understands all about baby showers and what is entailed. Many baby showers have become more elaborate over the years becoming almost akin to small wedding receptions complete with a rental hall, decorations, large amounts of gifts and the overabundance of personal birth stories that most of the guests bring complete with a healthy dose of baby birth advice. Many are filled with distant friends, co-workers and extended family with which the mother to be may have little or no connection with and no desire to share her birth and desires with.

While these baby showers do have their place and many times give the expecting couples an ample supply of baby necessities which so many of them need, one of the modern trends for the next generation of expectant parents is for a new mothers to be to enjoy the practice of experiencing a Blessing Way with close family and friends just a few weeks before the baby’s birth. Experiencing a Blessing Way allows them an intimate connection with the mother’s choice of family and friends with a purposeful focus on the mental, emotional and physical support  that they receive before, after and during the birth.

Blessing Ways are an ancient tradition that promotes support, soulful connection and purposeful acknowledgement of the birth process. The desire for Blessing Ways is connected to our ancient need of ritual to acknowledge the birth of a child, release fears, let go of worries and set aside the worst-case scenario training that so many women experience. During a Blessing Way the women as a group get to connect in a deeper way to the mother -to-be and share with her their more intuitive/instinctual part of themselves that most often knows that all is well, connected and safe.

“Blessing Ways are powerful points of focus that can create deeper connections between all invited guests involved and allow the mother-to be to proceed into her birth, honored and feeling more secure about the process of birth and her ability to handle and deal with new motherhood. While the most important thing during pregnancy and the birthing process may be to connect with our own internal power, acknowledging that there is ample, willing, supportive power outside of ourselves that is freely given is sometimes so humbling that it allows our hearts to open wide and embrace the birth of our child in such a profound manner that we literally connect with their souls and are forever changed.”

                                                    Marie Johnson- Doula/ Monitrice/ Maternity consultant-

In the case of surrogacy or adoption it can allow a release, letting go and deeper bonding process between the mother and intended parents while allowing family and friends to adjust to the process of letting go and moving forward. Although, Blessing Ways may include presents and food, the main focus is usually on the spiritual or intimate connection of birth and how everyone can be of support at this time for the new mother and couple.

Although the connections to Blessing Ways may be very ancient, modern day practices in Blessing Ways can be very varied and created uniquely for each couple and birth. The basic goals of a Blessing Way are to bring together a group of intimate friends and family in joy and happiness, create some deeper shifts of connection within the group, create focus on the support of the new mother with an eye centered on the intimate aspects and joyful anticipation of the birth process, give a sense of preparation and completeness to the group as a whole and of course have lots and lots of fun.

Those that attend a Blessing Way are more likely to acknowledge that it does “ take a village to raise a child” and they are willing to be part of that village if only in positive intent for a wonderful outcome for the birth.

Blessing Ways add depth, character, love, excitement and emotional connections for the mother and her family and friends that many times cannot be experienced any other way. It is a wonderful space to be in before birth- to know that you are fully loved and supported in every way possible.

If your desire is for lots of wonderful presents and gifts, then by all means have baby showers galore but don’t forget to share this special time, through a Blessing Way with those you love and those that love you. You will never regret it and it will be one of the most wonderful memories of your preparations for birth.