BeauGen Nipple Cushion

Product Review

BeauGen Nipple Cushion

What it is:

The BeauGen Nipple Cushion is a soft thermoplastic insert for moms who are using a breast pump. The Nipple shield is made out of food-safe, FDA-compliant, medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material. The nipple shield is used to increase comfort during pumping. It is designed exclusively for pumping, with a one size adjusts to all flange size fitting.

Product is ideal for exclusively pumping moms, to help provide comfort during those long pumping sessions. It is also an ideal product for mother’s who are in-between flange sizes.

The uniquely designed nipple cushions add comfort to each pumping session by creating a soft barrier between your skin and the plastic breast shield. The cushions move and stretch with the nipple during pumping.

beaugenimageProduct Details:

Price: Cost for the Nipple Cushion is $30 for a pair

Where to Find:

Shipping: Shipping is fast, usually within 2 weeks

The Review:

This product does what is sets out to do, it provides a cushion or insert for moms who are using a breast pump. The two main uses of the product are for comfort and for better sizing.

Comfort: For moms who are more sensitive to the feeling of using a breast pump, the nipple shield acts as a barrier providing relief from rubbing.

Sizing: For moms who are in-between standard flange size, this works wonderfully to “fit” the nipple better in the flange.

I bought the nipple cushion because I was in-between flange sizes, and this was the only product I could find to help with that. Breast pump flanges come in standard sizes so when a mother is in-between sizes, it can take a toll on her nipples and areolas. Too small a flange, and it can cause cracks and bleeding, too large and it can cause pain and swelling in the areola. Sizing is one of the hardest things for some exclusively pumping mothers.

When it first arrived it was tight, too tight for my nipples. So I set it aside as a wash and not the product for me. But it taunted me daily, begging me to try again. I tried 2 more times, and still it felt too tight, so I reached out to BeauGen customer service. As far as customer services goes, they are amazing. The owner walked me through a few ideas to “train” the nipple cushion to my size flange and my nipple. She even followed up with me later to see if the solution worked for me.

Once I had stretched the cushion to better fit my nipple, I was able to use it perfectly to help me fit the flange. I provided the support for my areola while the large flange was a better fit for my nipple.

Having the cushion to protect the breast is essential, whether a mom is pumping casually or exclusively. The material holds up incredibly well, and it can be trained to fit any size nipple or flange. I do find that having only one pair is limiting, I would like to have at least 2 so that I always have a clean and dry pair to use.

If you are exclusively pumping, it is recommended to get a new pair every 3 months. This could add up, but it is also a worthwhile investment in pumping. You may extend the life of The nipple cushion by having 2 pairs and alternating them.