Benefits of Having Night Support

Why do I need a Newborn Care Specialist?

Why do I need Professional Sleep Support?
 Many parents wonder if it is worth the investment to have a newborn care specialist to provide night support in the first few weeks to months after their baby is born. Hiring a infant care specialist to support you and your partner at night has the benefits of faster healing, better bonding, and happier parents.
According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult needs 
seven to nine hours of sleep every night. 
When you sleep only a couple of hours a night on an ongoing basis, 
you build up a “sleep debt” that can be hard to pay back. 
If your sleep debt persists over time, your health can suffer.”
Newborns sleep in spurts from 16-20 hours a day in the first few weeks. This can make it almost impossible for either or both parents to get good quality sleep in high enough amounts. According to Dr. William C. Dement, a physician and sleep specialist, parents of newborns will lose about two hours of sleep per night until the baby is 5 months old.
Our newborn care specialist sometimes referred to as a “Night Nanny,” or a “Baby Doula” can be extremely helpful with the transition of bringing home a new baby. Our newborn care specialists are there to benefit and support the new baby, however, we are also there to emotionally and physically support you and your family as you navigate the first 3-6 months after your baby arrives.
Aside from the millions of questions that come along with a new baby, there are also concerns, and supports that are needed to make a healthy and happy move into parenthood. An infant care specialist can guide you and your family through any questions or concerns that come along. In addition, infant care specialists are  trained sleep consultants, and can help you create a functional daytime and nighttime schedule to get your baby on a natural gentle sleep pattern while we educate you and your partner to follow through with these skills once our contract is finished. A Newborn Care Specialist is there to help you keep your sanity and to give your life a semblance of normalcy while you transition through the newborn phase.
What are the benefits of having night support?
  • Limited to no sleep deprivation– When a parent is sleep deprived they can become anxious, and more easily flustered or frustrated. For a new mother, this can have a huge impact on her milk supply, her healing rate, and her experience of postpartum baby blues and depression.
  • Increases early baby-parent bonding– Boding happens when certain hormones are released into the body; a lack of quality sleep can have an effect on hormones.
  • Promotes faster post birth couple bonding– After a baby or babies are born, couples need to reconnect no longer as just two, but as a family. This process can be slowed when stress is high.
  • Develops healthy routines and rhythms for your baby– Helping your newborn adjust to life outside the womb can be tricky. With a newborn care specialist,  your baby will find a peaceful routine and balance so that you can easily transition to solo care when our contract is finished.
  • Easier adaptation to parenting-Taking on the new role of parent, and merging it with your current roles in life can be tricky. Having someone there to help you make that transition smoothly can make all the difference.
  • Working parents continue to be more alert and present at work-Most partners must return to work shortly after the baby is born. This requires them to be coherent, focused, and at the top of their game. Sleep deprivation can have an impact on your partners work life, which often trickles into home life. Having the support to get your through the nights, allows you to wake each morning refreshed and ready to conquer the day.