Busy Expectant Parents Hire a Maternity Consultant

"(Reuters) - New Yorker Melissa Garden learned she was pregnant with her first child 
last year just as her communication director job at New Meadowlands Stadium hit 
full throttle. When exactly, she wondered, would she squeeze car seat and stroller 
shopping into 70-hour work weeks packed with concerts and prepping for the Jets 
and Giants season openers?
Garden opted to hire professional baby planners (maternity consultant) 
who, much like the better-known niche of wedding planners, came armed with expertise 
to ready the overwhelmed, soon-to-be mother for her big day -- her son's arrival. 
"I had no time to think about what I needed to do to prepare," said Garden, 39. 
"They pulled everything together for me.""

Many expectant parents today are busy; between working long hours, commuting, and life in general, they are finding little time to prepare for their bundle of joy. Of those parents who do have time to spend researching car seats, strollers, and childbirth methods, there is confusion, information overload, and a general feeling of uncertainty. It used to be easy to make a few choices, the problem is that today there are so many choices!


Baby planners/Maternity Consultants explain the essentials, and most are mothers themselves, so their research is backed by first-hand experience.

Maternity Consultants childproof homes, consult on baby gear and suggest childcare options, they also help pick out bedding, set up nursery furniture and demonstrate how to wear a baby carrier.

Maternity Consultants help mothers prepare for birth, support them during the birth, and show them how to have a peaceful flow into being a new parent.

Some walk through baby stores with couples to help them register for gifts or bring products directly to clients’ homes so they can decide what they like best.

A Maternity Consultant is the comprehensive choice for complete preparation in expectation of your new arrival.