Helping to Change the Face of Gay Parenting

There are many couples in the LGBTQ community who are turning to surrogacy and adoption as fantastic ways to expand their family and we are so fortunate to be the go-to source to work with these families to change the face of Gay Parenting.


Most couples enter the world of parenting with confusion, apprehension, and of course, excitement! The Doula House is passionate about supporting all couples through this amazing journey. We are specifically trained, and excited to be supporting more and more couples in the LGBTQ community. We have specifically designed classes, in home supports, and education for gay couples becoming parents; this is how we are changing the face of gay parenting.We have spent many years working with gay couples and learning what supports are needed, where the gaps in care and services are, and how to help them feel confident about becoming parents.

Until recently, the community around birth support for parents using adoption and surrogacy was limited. As this group of parents grows, the need for professional support for these families grows as well. This is where our targeted support was conceived. The Doula House has spent years, and countless hours working with couples in the LGBTQ community to pin-point the special supports that are needed, and we have created our  Adoptive and Surrogacy Support Packages with these needs in mind.

Our mission is to change the way families are born, and to ensure each couple has the support, education, and connection they need to navigate parenthood with joy and ease.