At The Doula House we are proud to offer complete complete in-home private education for expecting parents.

The classes listed below are compact, covering 2-4 hours over the course of 1-2 nights and are perfect for those who are not interested in taking a more intensive birth course, or for those who are finding us later in their pregnancy and don’t have 6 weeks to devote to one of our larger training’s.

Our Basic Birth Class– which covers the essentials of birthing.

Infant CPR Training

Our New Parent Training and Basic Breastfeeding Course

For parents with more time to prepare, or who are looking for extensive education the courses listed below provide 6 weeks of birth preparation and education.

The Complete Hypnosis Childbirth Course– is a world renowned training in medical level hypnosis providing mothers with pain-free childbirth which we offer in-home instruction or as a Home-study course.

Our Doula House Signature Birth Course– created by our Monitrices and based off of years of experience in the birthing industry, this class is a complete prenatal education. Preparing parents for birth and postpartum care, this class covers anything and everything you will need to prepare for your birth and immediate postpartum period.

As part of your complete education and parental training we also offer a selection of smaller, more specialized classes for you to choose from:

Birth Partner/Daddy Training Class

Sibling Prep Class

Advanced Breastfeeding Course

The In’s & Outs of Handling Twins Class

Happiest Baby and Sleep Tips Class

Baby Gear Class

Newborn Care class

Advanced Breastfeeding and New Parent Course

We also offer a selection of educational and support services that can be included in your maternity package as you need them. They include:

Returning to Work Support

Sibling Sleep Instruction

Sleep Support

Lactation Support

Nursery Design and set-up

Post-Birth Nutritional Support

Baby Proofing

Home Newborn Prep

Infant Massage Instruction

Baby Wearing Instruction

Belly Binding Instruction

For additional information and for specialized services Contact Us.