Basic Birth Class

We developed this mini birth class to quickly prepare our couples with the most information possible in the least amount of time.

This class was developed for couples who may be:

• Very close to their births and have limited on time.
• Wanting a general knowledge of birth and how to make it through a natural birth.
• Needing help with training their birth partners to support them during birth.
• Desiring some of the basic skills sets of a Doula.
• Wanting help on preparing their body and cervix for a faster, quicker birth.

In this 3-4 hour class you will receive:

• Information on the stages of labor, how to recognize them and what to do during them.
• What to expect during birth.
• How to avoid a C-section during birth.
• Medical interventions during birth and how to avoid them.
• Birth plan creation.
• Training in fear release techniques.
• Mini birth rehearsal training.
• Nutritional guidance to help you stay healthy and strong during the last few weeks before birth.
• Postpartum expectations and support strategies.
• What to expect with a new baby.
• A birth preparation and cervix softening kit.
• Birth partner guidance, training and support.
This class is held in your home on a day and time that is good for you.

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