Bringing Baby Home Course

This 3-4 hour in-home class is the top of the line in learning about baby care, support and breastfeeding.

With this class you will receive:

  • Advanced breastfeeding training and support; we will go over everything that you need to know to make your breastfeeding experience a happy and successful one.
  • Training on all things to do with baby: crying, sleeping, teething, bathing, sickness, circumcision, shots, bonding after birth, diapering (including cloth diapering) and going green for baby.
  • Basic sleep training and what to expect with sleeping after baby comes.
  • Training on how to quiet your baby with the Happiest Baby Techniques, a review DVD, a calming sounds CD, and a swaddling blanket for you to keep.

This class is designed educate you on what to expect during your first year as a new parent, and to help you build confidence on handling the ups and down expected during this exciting time. This class includes the Advanced Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding Class Cost: $300

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