Doula House Signature Birth Course

This advanced birth preparation course is comprehensive and designed to provide each new couple we work with the very best possible preparation and understanding for their upcoming births.

The Doula House Signature Birth Course was designed and created by our Advanced Doulas after attending hundreds of births and includes our most up to date knowledge about birth and the birth preparation process. This course is unique and was developed to prepare couples prenatally for the birth, and the postpartum period as well. This course is custom created just for you and incorporates your past experience and knowledge about birth. Our Doula House Signature Birth Course teaches you and your partner what to expect during birth, how to stay healthy and low risk, covers pain management techniques, and so much more. During our initial conversation with you, we will also have a chance to discuss any additional concerns you may have, and provide additional training and education for you as well. This course is loaded full of information for the novice as well as for experienced parents.


Some of the information that is included in this course contains information on:

  • The prenatal experience and what to expect.
  • Birth Plan Creation.
  • Nutritional guidance to help you stay healthy and strong during pregnancy and birth.
  • Stages of labor, how to recognize them  and what to do during them.
  • What to expect during birth, videos, advice, doula techniques.
  • Birth partner supports.
  • How to know when to go to the hospital.
  • What progression looks like during birth.
  • Pain coping strategies and supports for pain relief.
  • How to work with the hospital staff.
  • How to avoid a c-section during birth.
  • Medical interventions during birth and how to know what options to choose.
  • Postpartum expectations and support strategies.
  • What to expect with a new baby.
  • Breastfeeding information.
  • Safe Baby Wearing, and newborn sleep strategies

This course was developed to give every new parent all the information they need to help them have the most wonderful experience possible. This is definitely a must for every couple about to enter into parenthood.

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