Happiest Baby & Sleep Tips Course

The Happiest Baby & Sleep Tips Course is designed to help you learn to quickly calm your baby while supporting good sleep habits. This course is taught by one of our sleep consultants in the privacy of your home, and provides techniques on the basics of baby calming and sleep habits of your developing newborn. A sleep consultant will also provide instruction at being proficient in Howard Cline’s  Happiest Baby techniques which are proven methods used all over the world to calm infants in those first few unsettling months after birth.

This class provides instruction on:

  • All of The Happiest Baby Techniques and why they work.
  • A 2 hour DVD explaining the techniques.
  • A swaddling blanket and baby friendly pacifiers.
  • Instruction on correct swaddling.
  • Instruction on how to breastfeed while working to develop optimal sleep patterns.
  • Information on sleep patterns and how to induce them.
  • Personalized sleep support instruction and information.
  • Training on how to promote better sleep patterns for your whole family.
  • Private on-call instruction after your baby is born to support you in your learned techniques.

This course is a must have for anyone wanting to receive better quality sleep after baby is born, and will also encourage better bonding and more patient parents.

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