New Parent Training & Basic Breast Feeding Course

A great childbirth class will prepare you for the big day, but only this class is designed to prepare you for every day. Once you bring your newborn home, it would be nice to have an instruction manual. Well, this class is as close as you can get.

We will cover:

  • Calming your newborn.
  • The cuddle cure.
  • Happiest baby on the block- (learn to quiet your baby in under 2 minutes).
  • Safe baby wearing.
  • Extended bonding.
  • The first bath.
  • What to do and what not to do to create good habits with your baby.
  • Infant massage.
  • How to handle relatives.
  • What the different stages of growth are.
  • The ins and outs of taking care of a baby.
  • Training on all things to do with baby: crying, sleeping, teething, bathing, sickness, circumcision, shots, bonding after birth, diapering (including cloth diapering) and going green for baby.
  • Basic sleep training and what to expect with sleeping after baby comes.
  • Training on how to quiet your baby with the Happiest Baby Techniques, a review DVD, a calming sounds CD, and a swaddling blanket for you to keep.

This class was designed because of the stress and hurdles that are present for first time parents, or parents who want to avoid the ups and downs experienced with a previous newborn. We take parents from overwhelmed to confident, taking the guess work and frustration out of parenting.

In The Basic Breastfeeding portion of this class you will learn:

  • What to expect during the first few days after birth and how to handle it.
  • How to create the best milk supply.
  • How to create a good breastfeeding schedule.
  • What helps your milk supply and what does not.
  • How babies develop with breastfeeding.
  • Herbs and techniques to increase your milk supply.
  • Keeping a strong attitude about breastfeeding.
  • How to go back to work or wean when needed.

This is a very special course and one which we are proud to offer. This course gives you skills and knowledge to help you in every special way after your baby is born.

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