Unique Benefits of Hypnobabies

Our Hypnobabies hypnosis for childbirth class series have proven to be a wildly successful method for parents who want unmedicated, safe and comfortable births.

Hypnobabies uses medical hypnotic anesthesia techniques that address the mind, body and spirit of both mother and baby. Our objectives in this class are to help our pregnant couples bond with their baby in utero, to teach mom how to stay healthy and low-risk, and to educate parents on how to be informed consumers. In Hypnobabies you will learn to trust in your body mind and baby, you will learn how to become self-reliant and confident about your birth, and you will gain skills that you will use for the rest of your life.


Unique to Hypnobabies:

  • Developed from Gerald Kein’s powerful Painless Childbirth program, Hypnobabies uses the same types of powerful somnambulistic hypnosis scripts used by patients who undergo surgery successfully using hypnosis as their only anesthetic.
  • Long before you ever step foot in your first Hypnobabies class, you will receive your first hypnosis CD with 2 tracks:

                                 Your Special Place– which allows you to learn and become proficient in deep physical relaxation.
                                Easy, Comfortable Childbirth– enabling you to easily master deep hypnosis and positive birth training.

  • With these scripts each hypno-mom is able to learn deep relaxation and hypnosis skills for several weeks (or months!) before Hypnobabies classes even starts. This early practice makes it much easier to learn Hypnobabies hypno-anesthesia techniques in class while bringing the birth partner into the preparation. These hypnosis scrips also teach you how to use hypnosis for many other issues such as nausea elimination, back and hip pain, insomnia, pre-term labor, pre-term bleeding, perineal massage, internal exams, turning a breech, etc.
  • In preparation of your birth you will attend 18 hours of class time over a 6 week period of time, and will use 11 powerful deep hypnosis audio tracks as you practice and learn to use your Hypnobabies program. Your partner will also be incorporated into your Hypnobabies training and will utilize their own birth CD track and detailed booklet that will teach them how be calm and confident as they guide you through your labor with your verbal Hypnobabies birthing cues.
  • Handouts include 6 somnambulistic hypnosis scripts in booklet form, for you and your partner to work with as a team. You and your partner will participate in one new hypnosis script each week in class, and will use your scripts booklet provided to you with that same script to work with for reinforcement during the next week. This reinforcement makes a huge difference when training the inner mind for success of any kind. This is called “compounding” in the world of hypnosis, and is necessary for hypnotic suggestions to be retained by the subconscious mind. Working on progressively more powerful scripts several times each week together also allows our moms to become “hypno-trained” to the touch and voice of their birth partner and therefore respond much more easily and quickly to birthing cues during labor.
  • Hypnobabies can also be  successfully used by single mothers or by those whose partners will not be participating in their birth preparation process. We have specific CD sets as well as personal help and support for single hypno-moms to make their Hypnobabies journey easier and more fulfilling. All of our hypno-anesthesia techniques can be easily learned, practiced and used alone, or with a birth partner or doula.
  • Hypnobabies classes also provide excellent and complete childbirth education, and we are the only birth hypnosis program that does so. Providing our complete childbirth education ensures that our Hypnobabies students will not need to take other childbirth education classes where techniques and philosophies are learned which can negate childbirth hypnosis instruction.
  • “Pain management and coping skills” are the opposite of what is learned in Hypnobabies; in Hypnobabies we teach pain elimination by using real hypno-anesthesia, and by embracing opposing belief systems that can be detrimental to success with hypnotic childbirth.
  • Hypnobabies trains you for  “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis”, which allows each hypno-mom to walk, talk and move around freely, yet remain very relaxed, fully present, aware and in touch with her body and baby, while remaining comfortable while doing so. Other programs rely on immobility for focus and concentration, immobility can severely impede the progress of labor as well as the descent and positioning of the baby.
  • We conduct full birthing rehearsals in class # 6 so that our hypno-moms can experience using their actual Hypnobabies techniques and different labor positions while in hypnosis in class. This experience is invaluable for mom, and also shows the birth partner hands-on exactly how to use his/her cues and assistance. This is such a confidence builder, and has made a huge difference in success rates here at Hypnobabies!
  • During our Hypnobabies Birth Visualization, you can mentally and emotionally practice entering labor, experience your comfortable birthing techniques, and visualize your birth easily, and in a detailed and personal way. This “mental birthing rehearsal” is very important to the process of easy and comfortable birthing, and is done many times until your hypno-baby is born. This visualization helps program the subconscious mind to produce exactly the kind of birth you want. Athletes and public speakers of all kinds use this technique to prepare with great success, and so do our hypno-moms!
  • We also provide our wonderful 2-track Birth Guide CD which keeps our hypno-mom deeply in hypnosis with constant hypnotic relaxation and anesthesia suggestions for both the first stage of labor and the pushing phase. These tracks also provide “positive birth team” hypnosis throughout. Birth professionals are fascinated at how completely relaxed and physically comfortable our hypno-moms are, how easily they are able to move around and communicate and still be deeply hypnotized, and how “in control” they are of their bodies, minds and emotions. Our Hypnobabies students tell us that our Birth Guide CD is “Pure Gold”!
  • Our Certified Hypnobabies Instructors have fully trained backgrounds in childbirth, and a minimum of 50 hours of hypnosis training. This extensive training ensures that as a Hypnobabies instructor, all childbirth questions and concerns from each hypno-couple can be addressed, hypnotic depth can be assessed, and problems such as resistance and abreaction can easily be dealt with. We have also completed at least  32 hours of Hypnobabies Instructor Training and have a completed a demanding and rigorous Instructor Certification process.


Hypnobabies’ Complete Childbirth Education includes the following:

• Staying healthy and low risk
• Comfort in Pregnancy
• Detailed Birthing Choices
• Creating Informed Consent
• An in-depth Nutrition and Exercise program
• Avoidance of Toxic Substances
• Optimal Fetal Positioning
• Turning a Posterior Baby
• Stages of Labor
• Anatomy and Physiology of Birth
• Prenatal Parenting
• Avoiding Back Labor with the Abdominal Lift and Tuck
• Baby Kick Counting
• Belly Mapping
• The Risks, Benefits and Alternatives to Common Labor Interventions
• Birth Empowerment Skills
• Birth Plans & Baby Plans
• Touring the Birth Facility
• Doula and Midwifery information
• Avoiding Induction and Cesarean Section
• Delayed Cord Clamping and other Baby Kindness Information
• Using Hypnosis for the 3rd stage
• Comprehensive and Detailed Birth Preparation and Labor Support Training for Birth Partners
• A 28 page Quick Reference Booklet for Labor
• Birthing Rehearsals using Hypnobabies Techniques in Class
• Information on New Baby Care, Breastfeeding and Postpartum Care for our Moms


Hypnobabies is an empowering choice for any woman wanting Hypnosis for Childbirth that works easily and beautifully!

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