Prenatal Nutrition and Toxins Class

This class was created to give you information on how to achieve optimum health and fitness during pregnancy, while learning how to create a toxin free environment for your baby and the whole family. While many informed families enjoy a wide variety of knowledge on nutrition, many of them have never used that knowledge with the idea of supporting a developing fetus and all that that entails.

We have loaded this class full of information from midwifes, nutrition experts and pregnancy fitness experts, as well as loads of information to help you achieve the very best possible level of health for you and your little one. We have also developed this class to help support couples in making their pregnancy, nursery and home as toxin free as possible. Many couples are concerned about household toxins, but lack the knowledge and research time to understand just how prevalent these toxins can be in every home environment. Some babies and children are very sensitive to toxins, and this sensitivity can affect their mood, skin, health and development. Understanding the affects toxins is good for your baby, but also for the rest of your family. With this support class we walk you through your pregnancy to help you make better choices as far as nutrition goes, and then help you to understand how toxins can affect the whole family and make the biggest difference in your baby’s environment and health.


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