In’s & Outs of Handling Twins Class

Twins are exciting and fun, and can be very rewarding, but if trouble does invade the space of twins it can easily become double the trouble. In our professional work with twins we have learned and developed many techniques that can help take the work out of twins, and help you achieve confidence knowing that you are capable of handling everything that you need to once you have learned the proper techniques. Our techniques are based on handling two babies at once and learning to calm them both at the same time.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to swaddle two babies at once.
  • Techniques for breastfeeding two babies at once.
  • Tandem feeding or single feeding techniques.
  • How to calm two babies instead of one.
  • How to make sure your twins are getting enough to eat.
  • How to carry and baby wear two babies at once.
  • What to do when your twins are preemies, and how to feed and handle preemie twins.
  • Patterns of sleep for twins and how to get them to be in the same sleeping rhythm.
  • How mom heals best after having twins.
  • How to support your babies in learning to self-sooth and sleep easily.
  • How to work with twins in the most efficient way possible.
  • And much, much moreā€”all about twins

Our Ins & Outs of Handling Twins Class is a lifesaver when it comes to adjusting easily to twins and developing routines that will help you be more efficient and assist in the bonding process. Learning to handle your twins in an organized way will help you receive more sleep after they are born, and will prevent you as parents from becoming burnt-out and exhausted. This class is a necessary investment in education for each member of a family that is expecting twins.