Confidence and Support, in the Mail

In today’s busy world, parents are looking for ways to simplify and streamline many parts of their lives. For new and expectant parents, this is even more exaggerated. New parents want to be up-to-date on all the best quality baby and pregnancy items. With the need for convenience at an all time high, regular monthly subscription “boxes” are the new hot item. There are boxes for clothes, boxes for cleaning products, and boxes for new parents, there are products and boxes geared to this unique and wonderful time of life.

New parent boxes give parents the benefit of research already done, and products that are “parent reviewed” According to It Takes A Village, “since items continue to advance and new products hit the market regularly, the items in the bundle boxes will change to accommodate, promising to give you the latest and greatest in newborn needs.” This is optimal for busy parents who would rather use their hours bonding with baby, rather than sitting over their laptop researching toys to “help stimulate your baby.”

We have spent many days and weeks working with, researching, and reviewing some of the best baby-related boxes and subscriptions. We recognize that not only are these boxes full of helpful and wonderful surprises, we also know how nice it is to get something fun in the mail. When choosing a company to order from, a few things to consider are: regularity, price, and relativity.

Regularity: Deciding if you want a monthly, quarterly, or single box will help you narrow down your options. We love the recurring boxes because they allow parents to request and relax, knowing that their customized boxes are on their way every month. Surveying a couple of companies and ordering a single box will, however, allow you to test drive them, so to speak. Once you find the company you love, you can set up your monthly order.

Price: Knowing how much you can invest in these monthly gems is a good place to start. Most boxes average around $35 a month, but can be a high as $100. There is typically a discount for committing a year subscription; which is really the benefit to these services. Receiving them monthly is what is most helpful, allowing mom and baby to benefit from a year worth of products tailored to them. Month to month are great options for baby shower gifts! Remember, you get what you pay for with some of these boxes; companies such as Lulibox have a higher price tag, but the products that are included are higher in quantity and quality. So doing some research before hand can help you to determine what you are looking for in a monthly box, and which company can best meet your needs and desires.

Relativity: How relative are the products to your lifestyle? Are you a family that is concerned about toxin exposure, consider going with a more natural box like 21bundles or Honest Company. These boxes are going to be full of the products you are going to want to use in your home and with your baby. For moms who are still pregnant, some companies create custom boxes that grow and evolve from pregnancy through the first year after birth, allowing you the convenience of not needing to change companies. Bumpboxes are geared towards each trimester of pregnancy but offer little once your baby is born, however, many moms like the focus of the company being on pregnancy, and feel that it guarantees them a better quality box, even if they have to switch or add another box once their baby is born. RadDadBoxes are geared towards new and expecting fathers, which allows for a wonderful box that is designed by a dad for a dad. Once company that we love is Lulibox, they have high end boxes that can be customized by theme, gender, and even for twins.

Throughout the month, we will be featuring some of the companies we love the most when it comes to new parents. Feel free to email us if you have a specific company you are wanting to see featured.