Doula…Willing to Travel

Here at The Doula House, we support expectant parents from all over the Nation, and all over the World. Coined as “The Doulas who travel” our services are unique and specialized, and specifically what you are looking for.


What are some options for out of area parents:

1- The Doula House offers several “home-study” style courses and training’s. This Skype based interaction allows for flexibility of your schedule, as well as a personalize touch for each class. We focus not only on what the course covers, but also anything specific what you are wanting. Any questions, concerns, or extra information you want is available to you through this medium.

2- We also provide in-person support to our expectant couples. By combining the use of technology and in-home support you will get the best of both worlds. You get the pampered, customized support that you are looking for as you plan for the arrival of your new baby.

                               “Why would I hire someone who is not local, when I have many 

                                                                   local options available to me?”

       There are Doulas and childbirth educators all over, what makes us different? We have taken all the major courses, supports, and educations that expectant  parents look for, and at The Doula House we have them all under one roof. Often times women express how they feel like they are getting contradicting information from their Doula and their childbirth educator. The reason for this is typically because one person is not certified or trained in one area, they are just giving “life experience” as advice. We are trained and certified in all major resources, this allows for complete education and support. For example: most sleep consultants are not lactation consultants, but child eating and child sleeping goes hand-in-hand. While a person only trained in sleep, may not know how to accurately help you with infant nutrition at the same time. This can lead to holes, gaps, and missed information.

Our clients are looking for someone who knows how to work with their professional life with a personal  touch. We support expectant couples that are looking for the celebrity treatment, wanting someone to help them navigate the first year of being a new parent. We are unique in the way that we create the experience of parenthood for you and your children.