Happy Baby Check Up

When your  baby reaches the 4-6 month mark, parents can experience major changes when it comes to coping with new behaviors and allowing your baby to experience the scope of their new surroundings. Your infant will go from arms only to roving seeker of everything new, even things you feel they cannot reach.

The Happy Baby Check-up includes many levels of training and  support for this new experience in your baby’s life.

With The Happy Baby Check-up you will receive the following over the course of 6 months:

Sleep Consultation:

In-depth sleep consultation support and training. By this time in your baby’s development you can begin to see whether or not your baby is beginning to develop the skills to sleep through the night  and hopefully give you the ability to rest more yourself. It is well documented that the a non-sleeping baby can stress relationships, as well as delay reaching milestones in their development. While it may seem hopeless, at times to expect a baby to sleep through the night, it is an ability that every baby/child can develop and should develop. This is essential, not only for his or her own peaceful, healthy body, but for the entire family.

The more rest a baby can achieve in a focused, developed way the happier everyone is, including baby. With this service you receive our in-depth sleep consultation which includes evaluations, plans, problems solving and in-home training to help baby sleep longer and more soundly while falling asleep at a reasonable hour. This service is worth gold and it has produced many happy satisfied parents and babies.

Introducing Solids:

With this course, our wellness coach will come into your home and bring food, tools and information to not only help your baby achieve good, natural, healthy eating habits; we will also  show you how to feed your baby in a way that will help eliminate choking, allergies, and dietary ingestion problems. We not only show you how to prepare natural based baby food but how to help your baby start slowly transitioning to more solid food as they develop. This service is invaluable for both parents and child. We included everything you will need to make this transition.

Green Environment Support:

Green environment safety support. This service of the Happy Baby Check-up will take you into baby’s world and help you to understand what your baby will be exposed to and how to protect your baby from hazards that can be involved in your baby’s care from toxic eating utensils to environmental hazards that you may not be aware of. With some children this very intensive checkup of your home can help eliminate illness and future health problems. It is a must for every household.

Baby Proofing:

Baby proofing for crawlers. This is a very important time to change the way you view baby’s world and start to see the dangers that he/she may encounter on their new adventures around your home. With this service we show you what to see, do and understand to help protect your baby so that you have more peace of mind and keep your baby safe. Many times what we think is out of baby’s reach ends up being the very safety issues that we need to address. We come to your home for a survey of your home with tips and techniques to help your whole home be safer for baby and older children. This is a must if your baby is now starting to pull themselves up in their cribs or starting to roll around or crawl.


Our Clients call this the “Life Saver Package” and express that it was an invaluable service to them. We have designed this package to save you stress, time, worry and grief and give you knowledge, training, support and relief for your entire family.

“It is worth every penny to have peace of mind.”


Training includes in-home visits and phone consultation support.