Hiring Newborn Support before your baby is born

Doula Houlse_3When making a check list of items needed for a newborn, most parents include things such as

a baby monitor, crib, and diapers. What savvy parents now are adding to that list is the support of a Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant.

A Newborn Care Specialist is a secret weapon for new parents; specializing in infant care, sleep, and growth. Planning for care and support for you and your baby beforehand can save time and lessen stress. A newborn care specialist that is also trained as a professional sleep consultant can mean getting your newborn on a healthy sleep and play pattern right from the start.

Most households are full of parents who are both working. This means they need extra support during the first 3-6 months after they bring home their new baby.

There are many ways a Newborn Care Specialist or Sleep Consultant can help you have a smooth and easy transition into parenthood.

Sleep Support with a Sleep Consultant:

A Sleep Consultant works with you to create a peaceful sleep plan for your baby. They work with many clients right from the moment their baby is born; teaching both parent and baby what a good night sleep looks and feels like. At The Doula House, our sleep training is more like rhythm training; we get your baby to learn to sleep well without tears and painful cry-it-out sessions.

Many professional parents are faced with a return to work only weeks after their baby is born, and the sleepless nights with a crying baby can fill the “fourth trimester” with anxiety and stress rather than peaceful bonding.

Many of these parents hire their sleep support team before their baby is born and this allows them to have instant access to their personalized team of baby whisperers as soon as their baby is born. Parents are even pampering themselves with 24 hour support, starting in the hospital and lasting up to 1 month after their baby is born. This allows for on-call and in-home support for all things baby and postpartum; this means more success and less worry.

Newborn Care Support:

There are many names given to these professionals: night nanny, baby nurse, postpartum doula, and nanny. The difference between these titles and a Newborn Care Specialist is that the Newborn Care Specialist is trained specifically to care not only for the new mother and parent, but also to care for your newborn. A NCS is trained to help your baby thrive and hit their milestones. They are trained in baby proofing, healthy day schedules, and best feeding practices; including introducing solids. At The Doula House we specifically work to make sure that your newborn is surrounded in the best environment possible and we specialize in working with multiples and making sure parents and babies are thriving and happy.

Some of the ways we can help:

*Having trouble establishing breastfeeding? No worries, your personal lactation consultant is right there to help you every step of the way; including at that 1:00 am feeding.

*Your newborn is awake from 1:00 am to 4:30am? We have you covered. Your baby is in the caring and gentles hands of your specialist, helping them to adjust to life outside of the womb free from stress.

*You have a short maternity or paternity leave and need in-home help to care for your newborn at a level that is more advanced than a nanny or sitter? We have you covered. A Newborn Care Specialist is there day or night, working with your baby to set healthy routines and rhythms. This will ensure that your baby is growing, hitting their milestones, and have a happy day to day experience.

When parents don’t book ahead, they are often stressed and overworked and they call us looking for immediate help because they have not had a good night sleep, or a happy baby in weeks or even months. It is never too late to work with your baby.

Many of the best Sleep Consultants and Newborn Care Specialist fill up fast, so hiring them early on will help to guarantee you have the best support team ready for you as soon as your baby is born.