In-Home Nanny Support

One of our transition stages for your baby is transitioning your baby off our newborn care  support while finding them and you, long term support if that is what you desire.

Many of our clients choose to continue using The Doula House for their Nanny Support and care. We will use one of our trained and skilled nannies to support your family for up to 18 months. We specialize in multiples, siblings, and newborns.

You can also choose to select your own nanny, and have our team train them in the skills, techniques, and tools that are currently being used by your newborn care and infant care specialists. We will save you hours of time, instead of looking on or you can look with The Doula House.

Nanny Fees Range from $25-$45 per hours depending on family needs and requirements.

For more information, call or email to speak with one of our consultants.

Whether you are a new client to The Doula House, or continuing care, we are here to make sure your family has the skilled support they need going into the next phase of life.

The Doula House provides the best nanny services in Utah, or at least that is what our clients say!