Intended Parents and The Maternity Consultants

So, you are happily expecting the arrival of your bundle of joy (or bundles of joy) Now what?

Surrogacy is a beautiful options to help intended parents have a family. Though Surrogacy Agencies are wonderful in their support and planning for intended parents, it usually encompasses the technical aspects of the surrogacy journey, and that is where we come in.

The Doula House offers intended parents a “Guide Book to Baby” or an instructional manual for parenthood. This is our passion and joy, and we love supporting intended parents through this journey.

We work with you to create a customized plan for the services, supports, and education you and your partner are looking for.

Services and supports include:

• Green planning for your home

• Home prep and planning for baby. Includes home evaluation and childproofing, nursery set up, etc.

• Baby maid services

• Three months of postpartum support in baby care. This includes support in adjustment to new parenting, baby care, feeding, infant massage, going back to work, and sibling adjustment

• Infant CPR course for whole family

• Baby Gear Savvy Course

• Early baby education support

◦ Child care consultations and support ( night nanny, childcare services)

◦ Full in-depth Sleep Consulting evaluations ( usually recommended from 4-6 months)

◦ Milestones photography package

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