It Take A Village Baby Boxes


“Think of it as a newborn starter kit.”

The customized newborn boxes from It Takes A Village will send you a box that it perfect for you based on budget or number of babies.

Why we love them: They gear their boxes specifically for the first 12 weeks, focusing on products that parents use the most. This allows you to get the best, most up to date, baby essentials. They ship fast, within 24 hours of placing your order, and the products are continually being updated.

Boxes are filled with items for baby as well as parent, including items that support healthy sleep, growth, and play.

We love that the team at ITAV has blended what we want with what we need in a newborn box. The Big Bundle Box includes items such as a First Aid Kit, Protein for new parents, and Food Delivery Service. They have really put time and consideration into all the items they put into your box.

This box is not only amazing, but we love that it is designed with the entire family in mind, this is one of the reasons ITAV stands out in our book. There are many boxes filled with toys for your baby, this box is filled with relative, everyday items that will really make a difference for new parents.

Why it helps: This box is filled with the things that will help you navigate and survive the first 12 weeks with your newborn. Instead of spending hours on many different site choosing the best items for those early weeks, ITAV will send you one box that has it all. These boxes can be ordered before your baby is born, or up until the first month after birth. (if you want all the newborn items to still be relative to your baby)

An unexpected bonus: ITAV includes many organic and toxin free products for the family. You many even find a new product that you love and continue to use throughout your parenting journey.