Maternity Packages

As the premier maternity consulting firm in the Salt Lake valley, The Doula House provides an expansive array of premium services designed to provide you with the ultimate maternity experience.

Our highly trained Advanced Doulas (Monitrices) provide an elite maternity experience enabling you to experience the process of becoming a parent with the best possible education, experience and support. Our services are designed to bring ease and peace of mind, and to relieve you of the stress of preparing for the arrival of your baby. Becoming a parent can be a beautiful and satisfying experience when you have the knowledge and support you need.

All of our services are sold as comprehensive packages, custom designed specifically for you to provide the precise experience you are expecting. All of our maternity packages provide you with essential services such as one on one in-home private CPR training, birth education, new parent training, birth services and postpartum services. Each family we work with has different needs and expectations; some choose to take advantage of our Hypnobabies pre-birth hypno-anesthesia training, while others choose to have substantial postpartum assistance. With extensive ad-on options such as heirloom quality photography, nursery set up, hospital concierge services and newborn sleep training, together we will create a plan with you to ensure you have the best maternity experience possible. In addition to these services every maternity package we deliver includes membership in our Powerful Parenting Club. Our Powerful Parenting Club provides you with phone and email access to one of our infant care specialists to provide you the guidance you will inevitably need during the first year of your child’s life. In addition, membership in this club includes a monthly package designed to provide you with the tools and education you will need for the next developmental stage your baby approaches. Our commitment to your maternity experience extends through your baby’s first year and is designed to provide you with the tools and education you will need to experience the pleasure that having a child should entail.

Because of our superior level of service and our commitment to your maternity experience, we are only able to accept a limited number of clients per year, because of this most parents book our services well in advance of their due dates. If you are expecting or planning to be expecting soon be sure to call us or email us to reserve your spot with our amazing team.


All of our packages are adjustable for the support of Multiples, Adoption, Surrogacy, and Bed Rest.

***Out of Area Support

We provide continuing support to parents areas near and far. For more information please read our blog post  Doula…Willing to Travel!

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