Adoption Services

Adoption can be a welcome adventure that blossoms into something special for every person involved when the needs of each individual are taken care of and nourished.

Because each adoption is unique and requires different sets of services, your Adoption Support Package will be custom designed by one of our Maternity Consultants after an extensive evaluation. Your personalized package will be designed to provide the perfect specialized support for YOU as intended parents, while providing your Birth Mother with every service she could possibly need to be supported in this process.

Each of our adoption maternity packages are based off of our existing maternity package template, then customized to meet and exceed your specific needs. Our adoptions packages also include some special extras such as an adoption process birth plan, extensive postpartum care for the adoptive parents, as well as our postpartum package and postpartum counseling and support for up to 6 weeks for the birth mom.

All services are developed to support multiples as well. For more information on multiples services see Multiples Page.

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