Doula Houlse_31Multiples are Wonderful!

At The Doula House we love multiples and have had great experiences in taking care of them. As leading experts in the field of caring for multiples we have enjoyed incredible success teaching parents how to efficiently care for the blessing that is multiples.

With skilled support, multiples can be a great joy, and parents can be well rested, more efficient, and more intimately bonded with their babies while still having a life of their own. Whether you are returning to work or just wanting to enjoy your multiples more fully, having professional support can make all the difference.

At The Doula House we support you in all stages of your multiples journey. We provide stress free education and  guidance during your prenatal period, world class support during  your birth, and extensive support during your postpartum period to help your family get into the flow of taking care of multiple babies at one time. This includes the use of techniques and training’s that can make your life more efficient, more comfortable, and your pregnancy and preparation process easier to deal with. We believe that well supported parents create happier families and couples that are more intimately bonded that can connect with their babies in a stronger way.

Our Multiples packages are structured in a similar manner to our Maternity Packages, but modified for multiple babies, and customized with additional training specifically tailored to support parents of multiples. Please browse through our maternity packages page and give us a call to explore how we can help make your life easier, more efficient and more satisfying.