Baby Proofing baby proofing your home is an expense that every parent should consider.

As your beautiful newborn grows and develops into a moving exploring little adventurer around the age of 4 to 6 months, your home becomes an exciting new world of tastes and textures, but can also become a dangerous and stressful environment. Ideally before this stage in your child’s development occurs you will need to childproof your home. Childproofing your home can be challenging if you are unaware of the of what risks exist for such a young child.

Having a professional walk with you through your home to make you aware of existing risks can literally be a lifesaver. At The Doula House our maternity consultants will walk you step by step through the risks and remedies in your home. After our walk-through we make a detailed plan with you to eliminate any potential dangers. Most of the adjustments your home will need can be done by you or we can refer you to a licensed contractor who will take this project off your hands.

It is more than worth the peace of mind to trust in your homes safety, and to feel comfortable letting your child explore their environment safely.

Baby Proofing and Assessment Cost: $150

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