Postpartum Care

The postpartum period can be a time when parents need the greatest amount of support.

As part of our complete maternity care services at The Doula House, we offer extensive postpartum services designed to provide hands-on support and education after your baby is born. We offer these services as part of our maternity packages or independently as  postpartum support of their own. Whether you need us to stay over-night so you can get some much needed sleep, or help out during the day to alleviate any new parent nervousness, we can provide support and solutions to ease your concerns.

Mother Focused Postpartum Care:

Our clients report a better feeling of bonding, love for their newborn, and patience with their partner.

Baby Centered Postpartum Care: Recovery Care, the first 2 weeks

The purpose of recovery care is just that, to help new parents recovery. A well rested parent will be a more alert and patient parent during the day.

How a new mother spends the first 2 weeks postpartum can determine how she will feel for the next 10 years.

The Doula House is there to provide you will the ideal support so that you can be the parent you envision yourself being!

24/7 Care and Support:

For those new parents who know that they will benefit from an extra set of hands for the first 2 weeks, we offer round the clock care! This is our most common support chosen by parents expecting multiples. Our team will be there with you, day and night, to ensure that you have the help and answers you are needing.