Blessing Way (Mothers Blessing)

A Blessing Way, or Mother’s Blessing, is a Navajo tradition, rooted in healing, protection, and in bringing good fortune. A modern day blessing way is a time used to celebrate the mother, the womb, and the greatness of the women that support the mother. During a blessing way, we celebrate the rite of passage into motherhood; each ceremony is created around the Mother, and helps to fill her with love and support.

At a traditional baby shower there is so much focus and excitement on meeting the new baby, and very little focus on the mother. A mothers blessing is all about nurturing the mother, and filling her cup so it overflows with love and confidence as she awaits the birth of her baby. A woman who is given lots of love has more love to give in return — and there is nothing like a circle of loving women to get that beautiful hormone, oxytocin (the hormone of love and bonding), flowing! A mothers blessing is a beautiful and unique way to honor a mother-to-be while spending time with her, sharing stories, debriefing fears, and instilling confidence and strength in her.

What happens at a mother blessing? A mother blessing involves a gathering of the mother-to-be’s most trusted friends and family, who sit together and share among one another. This may include her mother, sisters, aunts, daughters, best of friends, mentors — anyone she respects, looks up to or values. A mother blessing helps the mother to prepare herself for the birth emotionally, spiritually and mentally. She feels ‘held’ and supported by those she loves and respects — a great way to help her release any blockages she may be feeling and to allow her to embrace what’s to come. Each ceremony is created around the mother, and is focused on helping to fill her with love and support.

A mothers blessing can be very affirming, empowering and uplifting. It doesn’t matter what religion (if any) the mother is — a mothers blessing honors all belief systems. There can be food and gifts to help celebrate, and other activities as well if desired. A mothers blessing can include rituals and activities that are fun for all while nurturing the mother-to-be such as having her feet bathed and massaged, participating in a circle with family and friends for the support and protection of the mother during labor, discussing hopes and dream for the future, and basically receiving a lot of love and support.

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