Nursery Design and Set-Up

This services is designed to bring peace of mind. We cover setting up the nursery, and filling it with all the baby essentials you will need. This little project can make a big difference if you are finding yourself busy with day to day life, and other baby preparations.

We will work with you to create a positive and flowing nursery design and layout. We will contract out (if needed) someone to put together furniture or hang things on the walls. We will spend a day putting the nursery together for you, including putting away and arranging any baby items that need to go into the nursery. This allows mom to relax as she watches her nursery come together. Once the nursery is designed and arranged, we will fully stock it will all the essential baby items, including diapers for the first 3 months. We will use The Honest Company for the diapers if you desire a green option, and add anything extra as you desire. If you are carrying multiples it is often hard to even move around during those last few weeks of pregnancy and this can give you the option of sitting back while your entire nursery is designed so that you have the option to go in later and add a few things to your heart’s desire.

This is a much needed service with most moms and takes a great deal of stress off of both mom and dad during those last few weeks of pregnancy.