Recovery Care: The First 2-4 Weeks

The Doula House Postpartum Recovery Care provides the support of a Newborn Care Specialist and Postpartum Doula. During the first 2-4 weeks after birth, we provide day and night support so that you can adjust to your new role as parent.

The care, rest, and healing a mother recieves in the first few weeks after birth is the keystone to her entire first year postpartum. If a mother is able to rest well at night, eat well and relax during the day, and receive the guidance and support of an exceptionally trained newborn care specialist; this can mean the difference between a thriving first year, and a surviving first year.

During the day we provide guidance, care, and newborn support. We will take on the new load that your newborn brings; including baby laundry, dishes, and care. We are there to allow you the space to sleep and rest, in addition to providing support for breastfeeding, recovery, and newborn sleep. During the night, we lovingly care for your baby so that you can deeply sleep in-between feedings. A lack of rest is the number one thing that will slow down postpartum recovery. A well rested parent will make for a more loving, attentive, and positive parent.

When asked how they viewed their postpartum, our well rested parents expressed a sense of accomplishment and a positive outlook on the next few weeks and months of becoming a parent. When working with parents who went the first few weeks or months without support, we are often met with parents who are struggling, sleep deprived, and overwhelmed.

Our goals during your Recovery Care is to help set in motion faster healing, better bonding, and a positive start for your family.

Cost: $35-40/hour

Additional 10% for multiples, additional 5% if outside of the Salt Lake Valley

We work with you to create an optimal plan for your family. We take into consideration work schedules, family support, and special circumstances.