Customized Packages, Expert Care

As the premier maternity consulting firm based out of the Salt Lake Valley, The Doula House provides an expansive array of premium services designed to provide you with the Ultimate baby experience. The Doula House offers support to clients across the county, allowing parents from all over to receive the support of our expertly trained staff.

Services Include

Maternity: Our highly trained Doulas and Monitrices provide an elite maternity experience that allows you to experience the process of becoming a parent with the best possible education and support. Our services are designed to bring ease and peace of mind, and to relieve you of the stress of preparing for the arrival of your baby. Becoming a parent can be a beautiful and satisfying experience when you have the knowledge and support you need.

Postpartum: The postpartum period can be a time when parents need the greatest amount of support. The Doula House provides extensive postpartum services designed to provide hands-on support, healing, and education after your baby is born. These services are focused on the healing mother, designed around optimal healing, recovery, caring for their newborn, and returning to work.

Sleep Support: The Doula House is recognized as experts in Newborn Care. We provides the support of a Newborn Care Specialist as well as Certified Sleep Consultant. The Doula House provides support for infants and toddlers, allowing you that sweet peace you have been looking for. We offer overnight support, day support, and 24/hour recovery support. Our packages are designed around you and the needs of your family.

Specialty Supports: Many of our clients require specific support, assistance, and education based on their unique goals. At The Doula House we know that not every pregnancy is alike; this is why we offer an expansive array of unique specialty services to meet your unique needs. Your pregnancy may require a different approach and a different set of tools for you than a typical birth. Our specialty services are fully customizable and are created to provide you the opulent maternity and parenting experience you have been looking for.  The Doula House offers expansive support including:

Bed Rest Support: The Doula House provides for a mother’s needs while on bed rest, while also making sure that the needs of the entire family are taken care of. This may include anything from in-hospital support to at-home care and organized home and pregnancy planning services.

Multiples: As leading experts in the field of caring for multiples, The Doula House has enjoyed incredible success teaching parents how to efficiently care for the blessing that is multiples.

Surrogacy: The Doula House is the only agency that is designed around supporting both the Intended Parents and well as the Surrogate. The Doula House offers elite support for the entire journey, you have the clinic, the agency, have us!

Adoption: The Doula House Adoption support is customized to meet and exceed your specific needs. Our adoptions packages also include some special extras such as an adoption process birth plan, extensive postpartum care for the adoptive parents.