Sleep Support there is one thing you learn as a new parent, its that true luxury is found in a good nights sleep.

The Doula House specializes in sleep training for infants and toddlers, providing you that sweet peace you have been looking for. Our exceptional Doulas and Infant care specialists work with you and your family to develop healthy sleep habits for your little ones. Initially we stay over-night and/or through the day to relieve your tired mind, and also to help you learn the tools you’ll need for your family to sleep successfully. Your personalized training will incorporate the work and home schedules of your family to set a routine that provides a permanent solution to those long tired nights. We also include regular checkups and management of your daily and nightly routine after our initial visits to ensure you are getting the rest you need and deserve. Imagine how blissful parenting could be if you and your baby were well rested.

Cost: $35-$55 per hour depending on needs, hours, and availability

Because sleep support is such an involved process we can only accept a limited number of clients at any one time, so if you are considering sleep support Contact us now to set your appointment, or to reserve our services for after your birth.

Please take the time to read our Benefits of Sleep Support page, it’s a must read if you’re considering sleep support for your family.

The Doula House also offers sibling sleep support, so we can work with your newborn, and toddler at the same time. This does require 2 Sleep Specialists, but many parents find it to be extremely rewarding

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