Our surrogacy packages are customized for your unique situation,

they include extensive preparation and support services for both you and your surrogate.


Every parent and couple has specialized needs and goals and we help you discover and evaluate those needs and support you through each step. We create a unique plan to care for the intended parents and their surrogate, allowing the end of your surrogate journey and your transition to parenthood to be filled with joy, confidence, and peace.

We work with each new family to create the most peaceful pre-conception, prenatal and newborn phase possible to help you find your strength as parents along the way.

Empowerment as a new parent comes in the form of evaluation, education,

support and follow through in every step of your journey into parenthood.

Our goal is to help you achieve all of your goals

Imagine having a baby expert at the touch of your fingertips, with The Doula House it really is that easy. We travel to you, show you the ins and outs of being a new parent, and give you access to our personal cell phone so that you can connect with us as needed.

Our clients, from around the world, are delighted to work with us, and we are delighted to help them navigate parenthood!


An Intended Parent Doula Support Package May Include:

  • Needs evaluation- This will also includes a well organized plan to help you achieve the results that you want. During this time we will talk about your goals for your surrogate journey, your desires and plans for once your baby is born, and the best way to meet those goals. This is the part where we help you plan for what comes after: after your baby is born, after you arrive home, and all the wonderful milestones that are yet to come.
  • Green planning for your home: Bringing a newborn home into a low toxin environment can make a big impact on their future health. Planning for the nursery, and allowing that to eventually flow through the rest of the home.
  • Home prep and planning for baby. Includes home evaluation and childproofing, nursery set up  and the purchasing of a baby layette.
  • Classes geared toward handling the stresses, concerns and joys of intended parents; including what to expect during the birth and afterwards.
  • Birth plan and support for the surrogate process: Knowing what to expect during the birth, and making sure that both you and your surrogate feel supported is of most importance. We work with you and your surrogate to make sure everyone is on the same page about the birth, and the time immediately following.
  • Baby maid services if desired: Our “Baby Maids” are there to take up the new workload that a baby brings with them, including laundry, light cleaning, and caring for your newborn.
  • Couple adjustments to new baby care and support
  • Full in-depth Sleep Consulting evaluations at birth, 2,4,6 8 weeks and 3 months
  • 3-6 months of postpartum support in baby care. This includes support in adjustment to new parenting, baby care, feeding, infant massage, going back to work, and sibling adjustment.
  • This can also include baby sleep support and a night care package (one of our most sought after services) Our newborn care specialist are highly trainedin caring not only for the parents, but specifically their newborns. We are certified in healthy infant sleep, caring for premature babies, and support for parents of multiples.
  • Infant CPR course for whole family
  • Baby gear savvy course and Baby wearing instruction
  • Baby proofing  and  Grandparent child proofing (in-home)
  • ursery planning and purchasing (includes baby gear purchasing)
  • Child care consultations and support: We help you plan for long term support for your baby, including finding a nanny or au pair.
  • Milestones photography package

Some support services for your surrogate may include:

  • Needs evaluation and plan of support
  • Prenatal nutritional education and support. Growing a healthy baby can take planning, we work with your surrogate to ensure that she is geting optimal nutrition in each trimester. Nutrition can be especially tricky for surrogates carrying multiples, and surrogates and Intended Parents both agree that this support is one of the best things they could have hoped for.
  • Birth support services: Including being present for any prenatal doctor appointments, during the entire birth, and helping her to heal optimally after birth.
  • ostpartum care and support up to 6 weeks postpartum

All services are developed to support singleton or multiples.

For more information on services designed for multiples see our Multiples Page.

For additional information check out our blog posts or contact us for more information!

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