Surrogate Births, a Growing Trend

According to the Council for Responsible Genetics, as of 2008,  the use of a surrogate has become quite popular over the years. Between the years 2004 and 2008, it is approximated that the number of children born using a surrogate is over 5,000. Another estimate is that there is an average of nine children that are born to surrogates in each state every year.  Of those numbers, one study suggested that gay couples using surrogates account for almost 75% of the births.

With the growing use of surrogates for birth, the need for parenting support among the surrogate families has grown. Here at The Doula House, we have specifically created classes, education, and supports designed for the surrogate family. We support both the surrogate as well as the intended parent(s).

What can a maternity consultant do to support you and your surrogate during the pregnancy, birth, and bringing your baby home?

We provide birth education for both surrogate and intended parents. This helps the intended parents have a better idea of what to expect during birth, and how to support their surrogate. The birth prep courses for the surrogate can help her plan for an un-medicated birth or medicated birth.

We provide education in baby essentials included gear support, baby proofing, CPR, diapering options, and how to care for your newborn.

Once your baby comes home, we are there to support you with feeding support, sleep education (getting your newborn to sleep longer at night, we all know this is important) and we continue to support you through the first year.

This is the only place you can find complete support for the entire process. We are dedicated to your success and confidence as  a new parent. For more information on our support packages, click here