10 Signs You Need a Sleep Consultant

It happens often, we get the call from an exhausted parent needing help getting their little one to sleep. It is heart breaking to hear a mother or father speak about lack of sleep, frustration, and a general feeling of helplessness and not knowing what to do. There are hundreds of books on infant sleep, and each has a different philosophy and plan as to how to get your child to sleep. With so much contradicting information, it is hard to know where to start.

For the parents out there who are wanting to help their little one to sleep better, we have the solution.

We work with parents all across the nation to help them  find a solution that works for them, without having to make their baby cry it out.

Here are ten signs that a sleep consultation may be the answer to your late night prayers.

1- Your baby will only sleep if they are being held-

If you find that your child will only sleep while being held, rocked, or shh’d, then you are need of a sleep consultation. We can help you learn how to transition your child from needing you to fall asleep, to being able to gently lull themselves to sleep.

2- You baby needs the breast to fall asleep, or stay asleep-

If you are the mother that has a baby on the breast all day every day, and this is the only solution to soothing your baby, you are in need of a sleep consultation. There is a fine line between feeding your child upon request, and being the human pacifier. If your baby to breast contact all day works for you, then there isn’t an issue, but if you want to be able to set your baby down, or have your partner put them to sleep, this is where we come in.

3- Your child wakes every 1-2 hours at night-

Now, sleeping through the night at 3 months old does not mean a 12 hour stretch, but it does mean a 5 hour stretch, and this can be easily achieved when you have the right knowledge and tools to get there.

4- Your child does not nap, or takes short 20-40 minute naps-

Children up to the age of 2-3 are in need of at least one nap a day, lasting at least 90 minutes. If your child is not getting enough sleep it can lead to exhaustion, poor eating, poor night time sleep, and general crankiness.

5- The car is the only way to get your baby to sleep-

I know this trick, it has been used by many, but using the car as the only tool to get your child to fall asleep is setting a foundation for poor sleep for their entire childhood. Children can learn to self-soothe and fall asleep gently in their bed, without crying it out. The need for the car is a thing of the past.

6- You can’t remember what day it is-

You are so over tired from late nights, cranky episodes, and constant feeding. There is a solution, and it allows you to still attend to all your baby’s needs, while helping you to catch up on sleep. A sleep deprived parent is a parent who is not functioning at their optimal level. Parenting becomes so much easier when you get a full nights sleep (by this I mean at least a 5 hour stretch at night).

7- You have read every book you can find, every blog on the internet, and talked to every mother in your neighborhood, and still can’t figure it out-

There is so much information out there about sleep support for infants, and it can be overwhelming. Many mothers can only give advice based on what worked for them, and each child is different. Sometimes it takes an outsider to look at the whole situation, take into account your lifestyle, your needs, and your habits, and create a plan that will work best for your entire family. With years of training, education, and success with other parents, your sleep consultant can give you the tools that are customized for you and your family.

8- You’ve tried “cry it out” and you may have cried harder than your baby-

I was that mom, I tried one time to let me baby cry it out. It lasted 15 minutes, and I cried harder than he did. I knew in that moment that there was a better way to help us both get the sleep we needed, without the stress of crying it out. Here at The Doula House, we believe that you can gently help your child to learn to sleep better, without the stress of letting them cry. Crying it out is a hard way to teach your child to sleep.

9- You are still pregnant, and love sleep! You are planning ahead-

Many expectant parents plan ahead. They know that the best start can make all the difference in good sleep for the entire family. It is never too early to get the information you need, and it means more support throughout. We make customized changes to your child’s sleep routine as needed (usually at milestones), and you can feel secure in knowing that you are helping your baby to thrive, by helping them to get the rest they truly need.

10- You have a toddler who still wakes 3 or 4 times a night-

Sleep coaching isn’t just for infants, toddlers can benefit from sleep support as well. We can make a custom plan for your toddlers needs, and help them to sleep better at night. This is done at a pace that they are comfortable with, to help lessen the likelihood of them backtracking. This can be especially helpful if you are expecting a second child and want to make sure your toddler is sleeping in their own bed when the new baby arrives.