The Power of Less: Creating an Inviting Space for Your Newborn to Thrive

As many new parents plan for their new bundle of joy, they are often tempted with all the latest parenting products. Add to that, the mountains of gifts given by loving family and friends; and before you know it, the nursery looks more like a storage unit than a quiet oasis for your little one to grow.

With the growing awareness of minimalist living, when we tell new parents to limit the amount of stuff, they often fear we are recommending a zero-scaped nursery. On the contrary, we want to help you find the best products that will truly benefit your little one, rather than become background noise.

Where to start? Begin with a quality crib. Even if you plan to co-bed or have your baby in a bassinet for the first month or two, you will eventually need that crib. They are many great options on the market, including cribs that transition into a toddler bed as your little one grows. Choose that style that best fits your plans for the future; if you are planning on more than one baby, a transitional bed may not be the best idea, since you will be reusing it for your second child before your toddler is done with it.

Create a streamlined “spa” environment. Ever wonder why spas are designed with minimal amounts of furniture, almost no wall decorations, and nothing on the floor; this leads to mental relaxation which is optimal in a bedroom. Simply lines, and minimal amounts of clutter will invite peaceful sleep, and mind stimulating play. We like to tell our clients to focus on the big 5: A crib, a changing table, a rocker/glider (or two if needed) a dresser, and one item for storing toys (think organization cub shelves)

Stick to a single color for all furniture items listed; we prefer white as it allows for easy color accents.

Focus only on age appropriate toys and books. Instead of buying everything your little one might need for the first year, try to focus on 3 months as a time (if the first 2 years) This will allow you to hone in on the best for their stage of development. We love black and white board books for the first 6 months, and simple wood toys for the first year. Lights and noise from a lot of “infant toys” can be overstimulating to your infant, and are best left at the store.

Clothing should be seasonal and sized for where your child is at. Having a few items that are the next size are great, but planning to far in advance can lead to clothes that don’t fit during the current season. All babies grow at different rates, so planning that the adorable snow suite that is sized 6-9 months will fit can be hard. Some babies grow faster or slower than the average, and can lead to clothing being the wrong size. Try to keep to the season and size at hand, buying new as your little one starts to fit a little snug in their current clothes.

The walls should invite imagination, so keep is simple. Wall color should be calming, and wall art should be strategic. A picture of them every month that is updated, or a beautiful piece of art is wonderful. Putting up a collage of many pictures can be over stimulating, and lead to sleepless children.

Last but certainly not least, the ambiance of the room is finalized but the calming hum of a noise maker. Newborns up to 6 months can benefit from white noise during sleep. The added bonus is that many of these machines have more than one sound, so you can use it as calm background music during day time play if you want.