The Surrogacy Doula

With Surrogacy a growing option for many families and individuals, there is a growing trend for doulas for surrogacy!


The Doula House offers exclusive support to intended parents and surrogates. We have spent years training and working with surrogates and intended parents to create the optimal support for everyone.

The surrogacy process is a time of joy, excitement, and many unknowns. The surrogacy process requires a lot of patience, education, and communication between the intended parents and their surrogate mother. The Doula House provides a  trained, knowledgeable professional for everyone involved. We include supports such as birth and postpartum doulas, Sleep consultants, and newborn care specialists as part of your surrogacy support team. We take the level of support and communication to a new level, which leads to a better outcome for everyone.


So, how does a Doula or Maternity Consultant support Intended Parents?

We offer classes for newborn care, hygiene, safety including baby proofing CPR classes, and parent prep. We specialize in newborn bonding, infant sleep support, the entire surrogacy process.

We support couples all around the world, and every couple has expressed how having a maternity consultant was like having a private baby whisperer. One couple, from Germany, said “You made those first moments perfect! Thank you.”

We help to facilitate communication about birth expectations between IP and Surrogates. This helps ensure that everyone is in agreement and on board with the plans for birth and the immediate postpartum.


So, how does a Doula or Maternity Consultant support a surrogate?

Many intended parents enjoy the feeling of peace and joy knowing that there is a professional hired to support their surrogate before the birth, during the birth, and after the birth of their baby.

For a surrogate, we provide prenatal support and education, as well as continuous support during the entire birth. Once the birth is over, we follow up with the surrogate mother to ensure optimal healing, recovery, and support is in place.

One surrogate said “I am so glad I had you to support me through my (2 day) birth. And I have never healed so fast postpartum. Thank you for everything!”

The journey into parenthood through surrogacy is beautiful, and our job and passion is to help make it peaceful, enjoyable, and remove as much stress as possible.

We support couples all around the world.

For more information on surrogacy support, or having a doula for your surrogate click here.