Top 3 deliveries services to have in the first 6 weeks after your baby is born

When planning for your baby’s birth, you may think of taking care of things like car seats, Newborn Care Specialists for night support, and even choosing the best pediatrician available, but may couples are not aware of the variety of supports available to them during those first few weeks post-birth that can make a major difference in the support they receive after their babies are born.  Parents can arrange to have products delivered to their homes on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to support them through those first few weeks after their babies are born to ensure their job is easier and more efficient. With so many options available to new parents, we want to focus on 3 of the services that are best during the first 6 weeks of newborn care for both baby and parents.


Whether you are choosing to use cloth or traditional diapers, arranging to have them delivered, and cleaned if using cloth, can take a big stress off of new parents. The reason we recommend some form of diaper delivery in the first 6 weeks is because your newborn will be moving through diapers rather quickly, and running to the store at late at night is not always fun. Knowing you have diapers available to you is one great way to lower stress.

For cloth diapers, there are local companies that will bring clean diapers weekly, and take the soiled diapers away. This is a dream for parents, allowing them to skim past the tedious part of cleaning the cloth diapers while they are still adjusting to having to change diapers in the first place. Services can include prefolds, one size diapers, and even hybrid cloth/disposable diapers. Most services will arrange to have a complete system ready for you a month before your baby is born. This will include a diaper pail, 1 week’s worth of diapers, and cloth wipes if needed.

For those choosing the more traditional route of using disposables, there are companies such as Amazon or The Honest Company where you can set up a delivery option choosing how many diapers you want, how frequently you need them, and you can even include wipes, soap, and lotion. You can always change the frequency of delivery as your baby grows and begins to use less diapers each day. The diapers are delivered weekly or monthly, depending on how you set it up. Be sure not to order too many newborn sized diapers, as your baby will likely outgrow those sooner than you think.


We are not necessarily referring to take out, although that is a nice option from time to time also. We are talking about companies such as Mother Bees or Sun Basket that deliver organic, fresh created foods to your door. You can choose between companies where the food is already made and just needs to be warmed, or food that is prepped but will require cooking. Both options are easy for new parents () allowing them to be more present in the moment of becoming mothers and fathers.

Too often new parents are so consumed with caring for themselves and their newborn that food becomes an afterthought, which leads to snacking rather than eating. With home delivery services, there is no need to live off of quick foods, but rather thrive and heal on nourishing whole foods designed for new parents. There are companies that will cater to different meal types including Vegan and Paleo depending on your personal preferences.

Mother Bees offers Nourishing Broths, Soups, and other warming foods for the new mother as she heals, recovers, and nourishes her newborn. They believe that by nourishing the new mother, you take care of the whole family. Bundles start at $25 and go up from there. One unique quality that Mother Bees has is the one on one attention that the owner puts into each order she creates. Mother Bees is a smaller operation compared to some and that has its own intrinsic benefits.

Sun Basket offers organic, grass fed, whole foods that are easy to prepare and enjoy. They offer weekly boxes that can include food for 2-4 people. These boxes come with pre-measured ingredients that allow you to quickly getting dinner on the table. Weekly boxes average about $60 per week for 3 meals.

Fresh and Lean is also a great option for families. Their weekly boxes include 3 meals a day for 7 days. This set-up is optimal for those first 6 weeks when you want to know that everything is ready and available eliminating the need to spend so much time running to store. Their weekly deliveries start at around $220 a week. They offer Vegan, Paleo and high protein bundles as well. Their site is geared towards individuals looking to trim down and get healthy, however, they are a solid plant based, whole food delivery service, and you can add in snacks throughout the day if needed.


While housekeeping is not a delivery service like those listed earlier, we do believe that having weekly house care will not only relieve stress on new parents, but it will also help them to maintain a feeling of balance and harmony in those first early weeks. Finding a local company that you trust is important, and we highly recommend a company or group over a single individual; no one wants to have their weekly house cleaning canceled at the last minute. Groups or larger companies help to ensure that someone will be available to help clean and tidy your home regularly. Many new parents look at this as a luxury, and it may be, but it is a luxury worth having. New moms are often told to limit moving and especially cleaning in those first 6 weeks after birth, which can place an unexpected burden on her partner. New parents are often torn between bonding with their baby and each other, or taking the reins to ensure the household continues to operate and run. Choosing areas where you can bring in help and support, rather than taking it all upon yourself, will help with bonding and an overall feeling of peace in the home.

Whether you choose to set up regular delivery of all three services or just one, know that they will help you as a new parent ease into this new and wonderful role. Those first 6 weeks pass so quickly, and it is easy to be absorbed into the pull of barely getting by; setting up care, support, and even meals before your baby is born will help you to establish a flow in your home, rather than feeling stuck in an out of control current.