5 Excellent books for Expecting Fathers

We all know that there are hundreds of books for the expectant mother, but what about the expectant Father…

Here is a list of 5 of our Favorite Books.


1- The Expectant Father by Jennifer Ash and Armin A. Brott 2001. The Expectant Father is filled with sound advice and practical tips for men, including how to afford a pregnancy; how to juggle work and family roles; how to make sense of your conflicting emotions.

2- DADspirations: The First 100 Days of Fatherhood by Pete Densmore 2012. DADspiration provides tips for parenting every new dad and dad-to-be should know.

3- 50 Things to know before Having a Baby– by Lisa Rusczyk 2013. 50 Things to know before Having a Baby provides timeless tips and advice that any new mom, or birth partner should know before baby arrives.

4- The Dad’s Playbook– by  Theresa Halvorsen and Brad Halvorsen 2012.  The Dad’s Playbook is a practical and strategic guide to preparing for the big day.

5- 50 Things to Know to Survive The First Year of Parenthoodby  Lisa Rusczyk 2012.  50 Things to Know to Survive The First Year of Parenthood is a great quick read with practical tips for any new parent to-be in preparation of their first year of parenthood.