Who is The Doula House

“Simply put, my life is a miracle.”

Throughout history, families are raised by many, not just the parents. Women are often cared for through pregnancy and birth, and parents are supported through the life of their child. In contrast, what many expectant parents experience today is a feeling of “going it alone” and their support system is often Google and WebMD. The empowerment of becoming a parent is often lost before you even know you have it. The Doula House was created to fill the gap between going it alone, and using your village to raise your baby.


Since our beginning we have molded, expanded, and fine tuned the art of becoming a parent. From the first ultrasound to the first day of school, parenting is an adventure. From across the country and around the world, new parents are singing the praises of having one of our personal pregnancy, birth, and baby gurus.

With over 20 years of birth and parenting experience, we have created the perfect gift for you; the gift of support, education, and peace. What started out as a desire to help families experience birth in a magical way, has transformed into the wisdom of knowing how to help prepare and support families through pregnancy, birth, and the first year.

Our goal is to take our experience, knowledge, and training, and instill you with the tools to be the best parent, partner, and SELF you can be.

Our consultants are committed to your birth and parenting experience, taking your personal preferences, beliefs, and hopes and creating a one of a kind plan just for you and your family.

Every new parent wishes they had a private nanny, coach, and baby whisperer, and with The Doula House you do!!

Marinda Lloyd and Marie Johnson have over 20 years of birth and parenting experience.