If you are on best rest, you know  that there are not many things that you can do or accomplish while  laying there in bed. This limitation, along with the mental frustration and the emotional ups and downs that come along with bed rest can cause a great deal of stress on the whole family.

At The Doula House we provide for mom’s needs while on bed rest, while also making sure that the needs of the entire family are taken care of. This may include anything from basic in-hospital support to at-home care and organized  home and pregnancy planning services.

Bed rest services can also include anything from meal delivery, to prenatal and baby education, to  maternity services that help you get ready for your baby. 

All of these services are privately developed to ensure optimum care and specialized support.

If you need bed rest services, contact us. We will schedule an in-person interview to develop a plan to support you during this wonderful time. This is an essential support for those expecting twins.